Jared Carsons Jared is an outstanding advocate. Jared has been with the agency for 4 short months residing in Elizabeth, NJ. Within his short time in CAU he has been attending groups, meetings, and trips with remarkable interest in advocacy while learning about the many different services that help people with disabilities and how cuts […]

The NAMPWD Team is excited to  feature Nathan Fishman on our blog. He is a board member of the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey, an advocate, community organizer and activist.  More of his posts can be found on his personal blog, here New York Times Promotes Forced Complacency        I read the July 30th New […]

On the series finale of Rock Center with Brian Williams, Williams highlighted the subminimum wage controversy emerging from sheltered workshops, particularly focusing on Goodwill Industries. Harry Smith conducted the report and examined the “fairness” of sheltered workshop employment. Exposing the sheltered workshop exemption from Federal Minimum Wage standards, Smith interviewed disability rights advocates as well […]

Last week, an article was published highlighting the desire of two young men – who both happen to have disabilities- to participate in a cage fighting event. The article has sparked controversy, rightly so, over the violent nature of the event and the organizations and people permitting such an event to even take place. Some […]

Advocate of the Month July 2013: Ashley Lasanta Ashley is not only the advocate of the Month; she is also a new employee of The New American Movement. The New American Movement would like to introduce our supporters to our newest Self-Advocacy Field Coordinator, Ashley Lasanta. Ashley is a vivacious advocate who became immediately drawn […]

In honor of the law signed yesterday ending transplant discrimination in NJ for people with disabilities, NAMPWD would like to share our position on transplant discrimination from September 2012…. An article published by NPR on the 20th of September 2012  highlighted a new approach to selecting recipients for kidney transplants. In the article, the United […]

The past few days have been groundbreaking in New Jersey for affordable housing, for not only people with disabilities, but all disenfranchised groups seeking affordable, accessible and supportive housing. First, the New American Movement hosted the Supportive Housing Associations coffee klatch in which the NAMWPD team had the opportunity to meet individuals with shared goals […]