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My Voice by Ashley Lasanta

For a long time People with disabilities were shunned  away for their differences. Life with  a disability is hard even harder when being made fun of. The simple things a lot of people take for granted are harder for someone with a disability. For example walking, talking, bathing and eating are some. When I was […]

Preserving History For Our Future Generations

In a recent news article I read that the abandoned historic main building at the closed Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany is set to be demolished in the beginning of 2014. The 678,000-square-foot Kirk bride building constructed in 1876 and closed in 2008. Instead of being closed, the building should be restored to its […]

And You Think Institutions Are Great…

And You Think Institutions are Great” A report was released by the Department of Justice exposing human rights violations, abuse and neglect in New Lisbon and Woodbridge Developmental Centers. To the individuals who are devastated over the developmental center closures, I ask you to please consider the following: North Jersey Developmental Center and Woodbridge Developmental […]

Independent Funding for Self-Advocates is needed NOW!

Independent funding for self advocacy groups is a must so that self advocates can make their own decisions. Independent funding gives them the freedom and choice of how and what their funds should be used for to advance their advocacy group without having their provider or other agencies hold the funding for them decide how […]

Our “Rock Center” Reaction

On the series finale of Rock Center with Brian Williams, Williams highlighted the subminimum wage controversy emerging from sheltered workshops, particularly focusing on Goodwill Industries. Harry Smith conducted the report and examined the “fairness” of sheltered workshop employment. Exposing the sheltered workshop exemption from Federal Minimum Wage standards, Smith interviewed disability rights advocates as well […]

Seeking Independence and Autonomy

Last week, an article was published highlighting the desire of two young men – who both happen to have disabilities- to participate in a cage fighting event. The article has sparked controversy, rightly so, over the violent nature of the event and the organizations and people permitting such an event to even take place. Some […]

Transplant Discrimination – the Last Frontier of Discrimination?

In honor of the law signed yesterday ending transplant discrimination in NJ for people with disabilities, NAMPWD would like to share our position on transplant discrimination from September 2012…. An article published by NPR on the 20th of September 2012  highlighted a new approach to selecting recipients for kidney transplants. In the article, the United […]