Preserving History For Our Future Generations

In a recent news article I read that the abandoned historic main building at the closed Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany is set to be demolished in the beginning of 2014. The 678,000-square-foot Kirk bride building constructed in 1876 and closed in 2008. Instead of being closed, the building should be restored to its original beauty and put on display as a museum exhibit that people with disabilities can explore and learn about the history of the mental health system with of the past which lead them to today’s better medical practices and tools used today. I think it is such a shame to let a beautiful building that has so much of an educational and historical value put to waist. This kind of exhibit can educate and bring thousands of families from all over to the state to this attraction. These particular places have a lot of history its self with a long list of abuse neglect and inhumane practices on those with disabilities resulting in the death of many and injuries. It is important to know our history and the events of the past to prevent history from repeating its self. It provides a basic timeline from the old fashioned medical beliefs practices to the now modern day beliefs and practices used and applied when dealing with people with disabilities. This exhibit would allow us to see how far we have come since those times as we continue to improve on everyday life situations when handling the care for people with disabilities. Without preserving our history our younger generations will lose the importance of the sacrifices trials tribulations and errors   it took for us to be a better society. The younger generations lack so much of our history because of the destruction of these old buildings that should and could be used for educational purposes.

Written by Dante Chrystal

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