My Voice by Ashley Lasanta

For a long time People with disabilities were shunned  away for their differences. Life with  a disability is hard even harder when being made fun of. The simple things a lot of people take for granted are harder for someone with a disability. For example walking, talking, bathing and eating are some. When I was younger just getting around my house was a challenge & going out is even harder.  I feel like people are staring at me. Once I went out to eat & felt really uncomfortable because I felt like people have never seen a person in a wheelchair before.  I mean,  I know they’re curious but if that’s the case just ask please I’d be  more than willing to help. I want society to see me as a person with the same hopes, fears, & dreams as everyone else.

As far as stares go, yes, I’m in a wheelchair  but don’t be afraid to ask questions. I can’t stress this enough & just because  someone has a disability doesn’t mean we can’t do the same things as everyone else this just means we do them differently. For example just because someone is blind doesn’t mean they can’t read – they read special dots called Braille. The best thing you can  do for someone with a disability is be a friend. A disability should never define who someone is how ever it’s just a small piece of a huge puzzle. We also do not like being reminded of our disabilities we are a person first, disability second. Another example just because someone is deaf does not mean they can’t talk, they talk by using their hands. Can you imagine for a second that it’s you or someone you love with a disability? Now imagine you or the person you love being defined by the disability- just think about it everyone is special.


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