Advocate of the Month July 2012: Ashley Lasanta

Advocate of the Month July 2013: Ashley Lasanta

Ashley is not only the advocate of the Month; she is also a new employee of The New American Movement. The New American Movement would like to introduce our supporters to our newest Self-Advocacy Field Coordinator, Ashley Lasanta.
Ashley is a vivacious advocate who became immediately drawn to advocacy at the conclusion of her first Helping Hands meeting. She was drawn to the empowerment that self-advocacy has brought to the lives of Helping Hands members and wanted to develop a strong voice not only for herself, but for others who do not have a voice in policy and supports that affect them.

Ashley was born in Trenton, New Jersey and currently resides in Westfield. She has a younger brother who has a disability from whom she draws inspiration. She is interested in advocacy because she believes that everyone has the right to live independently and in the community. She is looking forward to the day that institutions are closed permanently.

Ashley is our Advocate of the Month this month because of the strides that she has made since starting advocacy in June. Recently, at the Youth Advocate Coalition in Trenton, she shared her experiences in advocacy with other young adults. She offered tips on how to advocate with your employers and make sure that there is accommodation in the work place for people with different abilities. Her confidence and ability to share her experiences with others makes her our advocate of the month.

In her free time, Ashley likes to travel and go out to eat with friends. She likes meeting new people and listening to their stories. She hopes to continue to make a difference in people’s lives.


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