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Advocate of the Month July 2012: Ashley Lasanta

Advocate of the Month July 2013: Ashley Lasanta Ashley is not only the advocate of the Month; she is also a new employee of The New American Movement. The New American Movement would like to introduce our supporters to our newest Self-Advocacy Field Coordinator, Ashley Lasanta. Ashley is a vivacious advocate who became immediately drawn […]

Transplant Discrimination – the Last Frontier of Discrimination?

In honor of the law signed yesterday ending transplant discrimination in NJ for people with disabilities, NAMPWD would like to share our position on transplant discrimination from September 2012…. An article published by NPR on the 20th of September 2012  highlighted a new approach to selecting recipients for kidney transplants. In the article, the United […]

Housing: Our Common Ground

The past few days have been groundbreaking in New Jersey for affordable housing, for not only people with disabilities, but all disenfranchised groups seeking affordable, accessible and supportive housing. First, the New American Movement hosted the Supportive Housing Associations coffee klatch in which the NAMWPD team had the opportunity to meet individuals with shared goals […]

Norman’s Law

Norman’s Law By Edward J. Heaton Recently, there was a home invasion in Millburn, New Jersey that received much media attention. The incident involved a woman who was violently assaulted in her own home by a career criminal. The man has been arrested, charged, and faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted of […]

An Advocate’s Voice: A Challenge to our Society

Housing is an essential right to everyone regardless of disability and with Governor Christie’s plan supporting the closing of two state developmental institutions in New Jersey and the long waiting list of people with disabilities waiting to receive services helping them achieve normal and productive lives as equal citizens around the nation it increases a […]