Discrimination in the Workplace by Dante Chrystal

Discrimination towards people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the workforce is still a major problem that exists today. As advocates, we need to draw attention to these horrible situations around the world to put a stop to this kind of hatred/ignorance. It is our job to advocate for people with disabilities, and to educate people about the civil rights of this community. The disability community should not be subjected to abuse or low wages when working and contributing to society. People have no right to prey on those with a disability and should be penalized for their actions.

I am writing this because of an article that I read this month about 32 people with disabilities from Iowa City who worked at an Iowa turkey processing plant. Over the last 40 years, Henry’s Turkey Service had been hiring hundreds of people with disabilities, in which they were paid very low wages, harshly disciplined, denied bathroom breaks, had to work when they were sick, and were forced to live in uninhabitable living conditions.

Kenneth Henry, the owner of Henry’s Turkey service, is obligated to pay $240 Million to 32 workers with disabilities that were paid 41 cents per hour, and housed in a bunkhouse that was insect and rodent-infested. Fire marshals deemed it as a fire hazard and an unsafe living environment. That being said, the house was closed by the state. This is the biggest verdict in the 48 year history of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The New American Movement for People with Disabilities is against abuse, neglect, segregation, and discrimination directed towards the disability community. Equality for all is our mantra. We advocate for safe and quality working conditions for people with disabilities, where they can live happy, fulfilled, productive lives with dignity and pride. When we hear stories about the rights of people with disabilities being violated and jeopardized, we advocate for change, education and better laws to protect the most vulnerable people in society. The New American Movement for People with Disabilities needs your help and your voice. We encourage advocates around the world to use their voice and put an end to discrimination. It isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life to work for change needed to fix our decaying society. This is our movement. What’s yours?

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