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Advocates of the Month – January 2013

Dante Chrystal Dante Chrystal was born on August 5th, 1989. Dante describes his upbringing as tumultuous because he was constantly displaced from his family due to his parent’s inability to properly care for him. By age 4, Dante found a home that was secure. However, he endured many struggles being the only African American in […]

End This Depression! – A Book Review

End This Depression Now!, written by Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, provides a straightforward analysis of the lessons of ‘depression economics’. The answer, as he so candidly puts it, “we have both the knowledge and the tools to end this suffering” (20). Immediately, this may leave the reader thinking whether or not it can really be […]

End This Depression Now! – A Quick Look

Focusing on fixing the economy in the “long-run” is the wrong approach, according to Krugman. The way to recover the economy is to come up with short term solutions that fundamentally change the US economic model. Living in the shadow of economic catastrophe, Krugman reassures that this economic downturn “doesn’t have to be happening.” The […]

End This Depression Now! – Breaking Down the Chapters

Chapter One: How Bad Things Are Examines the US Economy starting in 2009. Krugman opens by reviewing the optimistic outlook of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake The state of the Economic Crisis, easing but not eliminated The United States is making an extremely slow recovery Job drought. People, especially Americans find worth in finding and […]