Advocates of the Month December 2012

Sue Crosby

Sue Crosby has been a member of CAU for approximately 28 years. Like many other acclaimed advocates within this community, Sue credits her decision to join the self-advocacy movement to Sidney Katz, one of Helping Hands founding fathers. For the past four years, Sue has enjoyed attending meetings as it keeps her up to date with the experiences of the disability community on a broader scale.

It has even enabled her to become a rotational interviewer under CAU’s Human Resources Dept., something that she did not picture herself doing a few years ago. She is grateful to have the opportunity to inform potential employees about the meaning of self-advocacy and values the fact that she influences the hiring decisions of direct support staff.

Sue has always been a hard worker as she worked at a Burger King in Garwood, NJ for approximately 16 years before transitioning to her current job at CAU on the cleaning crew for the past four years. Sue continues to stay involved with self-advocacy because she believes it is crucial to understand and participate in disability rights demonstrations. It has helped her gain confidence in her abilities as she has found it easier to express her wants and needs over time. Aside from her busy schedule, Sue has had the opportunity to serve on the Helping Hands Board as she was previously a Corresponding and Recording Secretary.

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