Contesting Community: A Quick Look


  • In Contesting Community, the authors challenges its readers to take on a new approach to community organizing for achieving success in social change
  •  Discusses the importance of effective community mobilizing for building a social movement in a contemporary political economy
  • The current trend of decentralization of the state and the dominance of the market place continues to strain the resources and limit the goals for some community based organizations
  • Organizations are dependent upon the government for revenues and struggle to retain the services they provide to its communities
  • Social movements of the past such as, the Women’s and Civil Rights Movements serve as great examples for effective community mobilizing in response to the current state of the economy
  • Despite, the limitations in community mobilizing some organizations have established a framework that expands beyond its local level into a nationwide and even global scale movement
  • Acknowledging the potential as well as the limits within a community can help organizations overcome its barriers
  • Developing an outward approach that seeks to collaborate existing movements builds greater power and demands social change
  •  Effective community mobilizing requires long term action; strategies that address conflict to effectively challenge contemporary neoliberalism
  • Community organizers must take on a radical approach to leadership to achieve a social movement

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